ET6 Motorized Bicycle Spark Plugs


E6T or E6TC Spark Plug Information
Similar to: Yamaha RS100P
Suzuki SR125
Gap: .020 - .028
Diameter: 14mm
Reach: 12.7mm (1/2 inch)
Hex Size: 20.6mm (13/16 inch)
AC: 43FS
Autolite: 274
Bosch: W6B or W6BC
Champion: L92Y or L92YC
Denso: W14FP-UL or W20FP-U



E6T Spark Plug - These are crappy, do not use them

E6T spark plugs are not very good quality. Why waste your time with those junk spark plugs they send you with the motorized bicycle engine kits? Like many of the other parts, these Chinese E6T sparks plugs are substandard at best. The cheap ceramic insulators are usually defective after a short time, and they cause engine fouling and other performance problems. It may also be difficult to start your bike using cheap spark plugs. If you want your motorized bike to run properly, you should probably invest a few dollars in a good spark plug.

BP6HS Spark Plug - These are good plugs to use

You can buy a quality spark plug practically anywhere for just a few dollars. But you can't just walk into a store and expect them to know the right motorized bicycle spark plug you are looking for. You can avoid using the E6T or E6TC spark plug that comes with the bicycle engine kit by using our cross reference chart. Gap information provided as a reference only, your engine specifications may be different. Consult your owner's manual for exact engine specs.